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Working With Children and Keeping Your Sanity!

While there are many resources available to those who work with school children and professional children’s choruses, there are few resources available for those who work with children in their local churches.

Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! At long last there is a resource available for those who work with children’s music ministry in their local churches that is practical, insightful and even humorous. 

“Working With Children and Keeping Your Sanity” is a delightful resource that should be on the “must read” list of everyone who is called to work in children’s music ministry. 

For those whom God has called to serve in children’s music, this book is for you. 

For those who are assigned to children’s music ministry but have no clue about what to do or where to start, here’s your clue. This book is for you!     

For those in church leadership positions who do not quite understand the value and unique requirements of children’s music ministry, this book is for you! 

This book is a prerequisite to starting your children’s choir and a guide to effectively maintaining your children’s choir. It will guide you on the path toward developing and maintaining an effective children’s music ministry. 


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